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Dana Cottle - Parelli Natural Horsemanship Instructor

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  • Looking to buy or sell a Natural horse? Dana now offers assistance in finding and selling Natural horses. Contact Dana for more information.

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A professional instructor, personally trained by Pat Parelli since 1988, at helping you teach your horse:

  • To come to you, instead of your catching him.
  • Good ground manners.
  • Control, so you don't have to use a bit to stop him.
  • Willingness to move forward without spurs.
  • To stand quietly for saddling.
  • To trailer load easily and willingly.
  • Foot control, by understanding rein positions.
  • To understand what you want by knowing how he thinks.
  • To obtain lightness and responsiveness without artificial aids.
  • To solve and prevent problems.
  • To ride more confidently and closely with your horse.
  • To add more fun and creativity to your progress.
  • To build a solid foundation so that your horse becomes a willing partner.
  • Do more than you ever thought you were capable of doing with horses.
If you would like to study the elements of natural horsemanship for accelerated development, there are several avenues to choose from. It all depends on how skilled you want to become, and how quickly you want to get there!

The time it takes varies according to how much horse experience you've had, how much time you're able to devote to learning and whether you concentrate on this system or experiment with different methods at the same time. My advice is to focus on one method before you diversify, it will save you a lot of time and confusion. I recommend that you complete Level 1 inside three months - firstly, because you can, and secondly, because if you do it for months or years on end, you'll end up boring your horse! Level 2 could take you between six months and two years. Level 3 could take between nine months and three years. Again, it depends on your individual situation.

Dana Cottle
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